How Christmas Has Changed

UntitledI’m sitting on my couch currently listening to some Bing Crosby.  He’s one of my favorite to listen to during this time of year.  I guess I could say that I like any Christmas songs.  Why wouldn’t I?!  Anyway.. I just wanted to talk about something that has been surprising me every year.  It seems to me that every year Christmas becomes not so Christmasy.

It seems that people have turned into complete Grinch mode.  Do you agree?  I see so many people complaining about anything at all to do with Christmas.  “Ugh, it’s November!”  so what?  You don’t complain if someone decorates for Halloween in September.  No one complains if you start decorating for Spring and Easter before the actual holiday?

A friend told me the other day..”I put up my Christmas display on the fireplace.” in a text.  I said, “Oh, that’s cool.  I’d like to see.”  She told me that she was going to show it on Facebook, because lets face it, we show our loved ones things through social media.  It’s easy and convenient.  She said she didn’t want to because she would probably get a lot of hate since it’s only November.

What?!  Why in the world would that be something to worry over?  If I want to show my decorations or holiday spirit then watch out because I’m me and I do what I want.  That’s the way it should be, right?  Why are people so against Christmas?  All the Anti-Christmasy people will obviously make it seem as if Thanksgiving is so dear to them that they are just so into it that they can’t fathom thinking about Christmas any sooner than the week of December 21-27.  We all know that to be untrue.  I mean.. What are they going to be doing on Thanksgiving?

Yeah, they’re probably going to have family and friends over but what they’re really going to be doing is playing on their phones and browsing everyone elses Thanksgiving dinners and activities on Facebook while talking crap about all those people.  So what exactly is the logical issue with Christmas?

Obviously it’s understandable if there’s some horrible emotional link to Christmas for you.  If there is I do feel that you have a reason to avoid all things Christmas.  But.. If you’re just a debbie downer and are acting like a Grinch then sit down and hush a while.  If you don’t want to decorate your house until 3 days until Christmas then so be it. If you want to decorate in November then so be that as well!

Christmas for me is a happy time.  There have been some bad Christmases, of course.  Who hasn’t had some ups and downs in life but Christmas is a time of joy.  It’s a time where we should all be kind to one another, atleast for a day.  We should give back to those who deserve it most whether it’s in the form of kindness, gifts or greetings.  Do something good for someone because they may have nothing.

If you have a roof over your head, clothes on your back and food in your belly then you should appreciate and enjoy Christmas.  Spend time with your loved ones because one day they won’t be here.  I have so many memories of Christmas at my grandmas house.  My whole entire family would be there which is a lot of people.  I have so many aunts, uncles and cousins that it’s hard to think of them all at once. On one side I have 6 aunts, 6 uncles and whole bunch of cousins.  I’m sure it’s in the 20s by now.  We would all be there, sleeping on the floors, in the kitchen, anywhere there was a place.

My grandma would have had to have a mansion to house us all for the holidays.  It was so much fun and I have so many great memories from those times in my life.  We weren’t rich and you didn’t get everything you wanted but at the end of the day that didn’t matter.  You had so much fun enjoying your family and friends that you would the happiest.

Money is another reason people push Christmas away.  If money is your reason for becoming a Grinch then that’s the reason you’re unhappy in general.  Over the years we have made Christmas out to be about money.  If you don’t get the new iPhone then your Christmas was rubbish.  If you can’t get your children the new frozen dolls that are overpriced then you’re a horrible parent and now your children’s Christmas is rubbish. No!  That couldn’t be more wrong.

If your kids are whining in the mall because they didn’t get this new toy or that new game then you’re not doing something right.  I’m not here to tell you how to raise your kids but I feel that it’s important to show your children that life is not about money, gifts or possesions.  It’s about the real things.  Our family, our friends, our pets and the necessities.  I understand completely that people want the best for their children and want to fulfill all of their dreams and Christmas wishes but sometimes that is unrealistic.

You’re not a horrible parent if you can’t afford certain things for your kid.  Some may say you should have chose better for your life so your kids can have all they want and never go without a thing that crosses their mind but I’ll tell you this.. If I would have grown up that way, being an adult now, I would have hated it.  I may not have at the time.  In fact, I would probably be that annoying kid at the lunch table everyday at school bragging about all the things my mommy and daddy have gotten for me.  I would have probably acted spoiled and snotty thinking I was better than everyone else.

It’s not bad to do without your wants.  If you family has all that they need, bellies full, warm, clothes, and a place to sleep at night then A+ to you mom and dad.  Please teach your kids to be thankful and cherish the loved moments in life.  I am so thankful that I was raised that way.  Enjoy Christmas, be happy and be positive.  It’s one time a year where things are full of cheer.  Enjoy it and those around you!


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