Abigail: The Bogle

I just wanted to share the newest addition to my family, her name is Abigail.  She was born on September 6 of this year.  She is a boxer/beagle mix which are called Bogles.  I think it’s a really awkward name.  Abigail’s mom was a Bogle as well with her dad being a Boxer.  I saw pictures of her and she just really stood out to my boyfriend and I.  So we went on our way to adopt this sweet puppy!

AbigailAbigail with her brothers and sisters above.

The first day we saw Abigail we instantly wanted her.  Contacting the owner was the next step.  I was so anxious because I thought that she may already be gone.  I knew my boyfriend had his hopes up already so it would have been a real bummer.  We finally got a reply and she was available so I let them know that I was very interested and would love to pick her up.  My boyfriend went to pick her up that evening and she was quite shy at first.  She was very calm and slept through most of the day.  The next morning she was full of energy.  She woke me up by eating my hair.  That’s when all the puppy hullabaloo started.  She’s a very energetic puppy and loves to play.  She’s also easily entertained.  She doesn’t chew many things besides clothes and blankets.  She doesn’t touch any cords or other items which is wonderful but she’s still on my doggie radar.

Abigails current favorite toys are a piece of cardboard, a pair of my fluffy socks, an AKC Masked Launcher Bird toy, a Hartz Chew’n Clean Tuff Bone and one of my scarfs.  She loves her beef with veggies and rice food the best as well as lamb with veggies and chicken with veggies.  She cleans her bowl even after it’s all gone.  She also loves her peanut butter bone doggie treats when she does something well.

At the moment were training her to use the potty outside and on a potty pad.  The reason for this is because we live in the top story apartment.  It’s sometimes hard to take your dogs out in the middle of the night so giving them somewhere to go is nice.  You don’t have to worry about your dog holding it for too long or using the potty in the floor.  Were going to check into those dog potties that look like grass but I’m not quite sure how they work.  She has pottied on the potty pad three times and left a gift on her potty pad today for the first time.  I know.. I know.. too much information.  Just a proud doggie mom over here.  I often wonder if parents are the same way.  I have no children but picture myself telling the world that my child used the potty for the first time.  I woke my boyfriend up and said, “She ‘potty pottied’ on the potty pad tonight!”  He didn’t seem as excited as I was.  Teehee.

We have also been teaching her to fetch and the word no.  She’s getting good at fetch and understands to bring it back.  There are times when she just doesn’t want to bring it and likes to play chase.  We don’t hit or yell at our puppy.  We train her by simply moving her away from whatever it is she is doing wrong and calmly saying “no”.  You may seem skeptical of this technique but it works much better than being assertive and scaring your puppy by physically telling them they are wrong.  They only listen that way because they fear being punished in a physical way.  With the technique we chose I feel that it teaches her the word no and over time will teach her what is good and bad.  If you choose a different way that is fine and up to you.

Abigail also like to sleep.  She spend most of her time sleeping and dreaming.  I try to keep her awake and playing most of the evening so that she will sleep through the night and be on somewhat of a schedule.  She eats wet dog food at the moment and is going to be switched to Blue Buffalo.  How do you feel about Blue Buffalo?  I’ve done lots of research to find that it is one of the healthiest dog foods.  It’s a little pricey but it is worth it in the long run.  I’ve saw that lots of dogs get sick from commercial dog foods and end up in the vet.  That’s a bit more pricey than dog food so choosing a good brand that is healthy is important to us.  We want the best for her so she can enjoy life a happy, healthy dog.

Another thing that I would like to point out is flea medicines.  Over the counter flea medicines are not recommended for your puppy.  You may think, why are they there is you aren’t supposed to use them?  That is a good question.  Most companies only care about the money they are making and not your pets.  They use harsh chemicals that can cause death in your dogs.  I know this because in the past, before I was informed about over the counter flea medication my dog had a health scare.  Our vet instantly asked us what flea medicine we were using and we told her.  The medicine we were currently using was Frontline.  She told us that a lot of animals had came in and had to be put down due to flea medicine.  They had permanent brain damage with seizures on top of a ton of other health problems.  Thankfully our dog, Queenie was alright and we were lucky enough to find out the dangers sooner than later.  I wouldn’t recommend any over the counter flea products.  This includes, oral, collars, shampoos and topical medicines.  Our new vet since we have moved recommended Activyl which is a topical flea medicine.  You can only purchase this from a veterinarian office.  It’s not an over the counter product.  My dogs are quite small.  Queenie weighs 14 pounds and her monthly treatment is about twenty dollars.  The price may or may not be different for larger dogs.

Abigail also has lots of different sleeping positions.. Some of which are funny.  She likes to sleep on her back with her feet in the air most nights.  She sometimes sleeps with her mouth open making her look very viciously cute.  See below:

In general Abigail is a very behaved dog.  She has her hyper spells and chewing tantrums but is still a good puppy.  She also seems to be a quick longer and is learning lots of things already.  Our dog, Queenie is still getting adjusted to her.  She’s not sure that she wants a new dog in the house but with some current training I would say that things are going A okay.  I would say that she is going to be a very obedient dog.  Although, she does already have a pouty face that she tries to use against me.  It’s so hard not to give into cute faces but it’s worth having a happy, well trained puppy.

IMG_5138I hope you don’t get tired of seeing our sweet Abigail because I may be updating frequently of all her of favorite things and new things that she has learned.  It would be fun to look back on this to see how much she has grown and progressed.  I hope you enjoyed reading.  If you have a pet you love dearly and would like to share then feel free!


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