DIY: Cheap & Cute-$8 Christmas Wreath

Hello Everybody!  I’ve decided to get into the Christmas spirit a bit early this year.  I was shopping a few days ago and saw a ton of christmas crafting items.  I decided to pick up some things to make a cute but cheap wreath.  You’ve just got to have a wreath for Christmas!  The best part about making your own wreath is that it is obviously less expensive and you can customize it.  There are tons of different designs and decorations that you can add on your wreath to make it personalized for your taste.  The wreath that I have made below is just a simple and traditional wreath.  I left it basic so that you could make it to and add your own decor and features.  You don’t have to make it the same way at all.  Whatever suits what you like!  I’m going to try to make these instructions as clear as possible.  I think the level of skill it takes for this is very little so I’m certain anyone could do it.  I got all of the items below at the dollar tree except for the hot glue gun.  It was purchased at another store for around $2.00.  Total is around $8.00 to make.

Things you will need:
  Glue Gun
  Glue Sticks (Approx. 3-4/small ones)
  Foam Circle/Floral Circle
  Christmas Spruce/Pine Garland
  Wreath Hook
  Christmas Garnishes & Decorations

Now lefts get craftin’!

The first thing you will need to do is to get out your basic items.  You will need your glue gun, glue sticks, christmas garland and your foam circle.  Lay the rest of your items to the side to keep your workspace free of clutter.  If you’re like me and you leave it all on the table, eventually the garland will be glued to you.  I have laid my glue gun on a sheet of freezer paper because the glue can sometimes melt out all over the place.

The next thing you will need to do is find the wire or center of your garland.  Pull back all the tinsels and get ready to glue it to your foam circle.  If you garland has the wire center be sure to form the end of it to fit to your foam circle.  This will make gluing easier.  Be careful when gluing.  Glue can reach temperatures of 300+ degrees.  If you get burned you will survive but it’s gonna hurt.

After you have your garland started, continue wrapping the garland a few times like so.  Put more glue on the foam circle every so many inches to make sure that your wreath is secure.
(Approximate measurement shown below)

After you have wrapped the foam circle it should look a little like this.  I unfortunately didn’t have enough garland but made it work anyway.  This roll of garland was 15ft and the circle was fairly small so it takes quite a lot.  I also packed my garland tight to make sure no areas of the circle were seen.

Grab your Christmas garnishes and cut them into separate stems.  Usually these come as a little bouquet and have a wire inside.  It doesn’t matter if it has the wire inside or not because you’re going to be wrapping it as the shape of the foam circle and hot gluing it.
PicMonkey Collage

After you have cut them, wrap them around your foam circle and be sure to hot glue them so they stay in place. You can place them anywhere you’d like.

After you’re doing placing your garnishes, add the ornament of your choice to add a nice accent to your wreath.  I have chosen a cute and sparkly cross.  After you do that, slide your wreath on your wreath hook and hang it on your door.  It will add a nice christmas charm to your home.  I’m not sure how these would hold up outside.  I think this one would do fine because the foam circle is very solid and thick and the Christmas garland is plastic.  I’m not sure about the glitter on the cross though but it’s worth a shot.  You might be able to take a clear coat spray and spray your wreath to make it more durable for outdoors.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little Christmas DIY.  It’s quite cheap and fun to make.  I have learned over the years that it is much cheaper to make your own decorations for holidays.  A wreath in the store could be anywhere from $20-$50.  You can customize these yourself so there’s really no need to pay that much unless you just really aren’t into crafting.  I may post some more DIY’s in the future as well.  I would like to show you guys some DIY cheap Christmas gifts in the near future.

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day ahead!


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