Comfort food makes everything better!

photoComfort Food

In my personal opinion.. comfort food can range from absolutely anything.  I think that it should have an emotional connection.  I know that sounds wacky.. Food with an emotional connection?!
When I say that I mean this..
One of my comfort foods are listed above.  It consists of ribs, corn bread, great northern beans and fried potatoes.  This food gives me a sense of security or a “homey” feel.  Homey as in it makes me feel like I’m a kid at home. Hehe..
Comfort food is my go to when I’m feeling down or crappy.  It makes me feel better in an emotional way.  I find it absolutely interesting that foods, smells, colors or sounds can bring back such nostalgic feelings.  Those moments make me feel happy.  If I hear a certain song or smell a certain smell that takes me back to happier, simpler times it gives me a sense of peace.  I guess that could be why I take so many pictures.  I love to capture memories and keep them forever.
A lot of people in my home state of WV like gravy and biscuits as their comfort food.  Surprisingly enough I have realized that not everyone has a clue what gravy and biscuits means!  To me.. It’s just so good that I didn’t realize that some may have never had it.  If you haven’t please do!  Where I come from the gravy consists of mainly milk, flour and a bit of crumbled up sausage.  Then you just pour it over a fresh fluffy biscuit and it tastes like heaven in a plate!  If you’d like to make your own it’s usually called southern sausage gravy in recipes found online.  Please try it on my behalf!  If you do please let me know if you like it! If you have a favorite comfort food feel free to share it.


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