Why are controversal topics so harshly discussed?

I know the meaning of controversial don’t get me wrong.  I just don’t understand why such topics have to be discussed in such a cruel and blunt manner.  The reason I have this in my head right now is because of an argument started in a personal group that I’m a part of.  The topic of the conversation was along the lines of Christianity and God.  As you can assume there were some unhappy believers with even more unhappy nonbelievers.  I understand if you feel a certain way then you’re going to express it.  I’ll just never understand how one could be so rude when it comes to expressing feelings.  I feel that I’m a peaceful person.  I like things to go calm and smoothly and really don’t see a point in them going any other way.

During the argument one of the main issues were expressing the belief of God.  I have never felt like it wasn’t okay to express your beliefs and be proud of express them.  I feel like I am stunned that some people can’t stand the thought of seeing someone else do such things.  If you believe something that is clearly offensive then that could pose a problem but seeing as this isn’t something along those lines, why is it not okay?

Should we really be scared to share our views and beliefs?  I feel that may be the case for some people.  If I feel strongly about something I usually want to share it with the ones I care about.  Having dealt with my mom my whole life I know that sometimes that isn’t the best conversation starter.  Some people just can’t handle someones beliefs being different than theirs which makes absolutely no sense to me.  Should we carry on with life thinking that it is absolutely tailored to suit us?  I guess some think that way.  The things that they don’t want or don’t like are out the window.  They don’t want to see it because they are trying to have that tailored life.

I feel a sense of joy when someone shares how they feel in a positive way.  There’s nothing more great than being passionate about something.  I’m pointlessly ranting but in future times I hope people get more comfortable with sharing how they feel.  If you believe in something you should never be ashamed to share it with the world.  Be proud to be you!  No one person is the same as the next.  We should be proud to be unique!


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