The Moving Blues: What to expect when you’re moving.

Yes, this is me posing on a UHaul trailer.  Stay classy!

I wanted to write a little tonight but I’m feeling the moving blues.  You may not even have a clue what “the moving blues” even is but I shall explain!  As I have talked about previously I have moved in case you didn’t see that.  I have been in the same location for my entire life so this was a completely new experience for me.  I just wanted to talk about it because I know it can be a scary experience if you’re new to moving like I was.

First of all.. I had no idea how many emotions entailed a moving process.  I’m sure some experiences could have gone worse than mine and I’m sure some were better than mine.  I think the first thing you should know is that it is a tough process.  Whether you’re finding a house, apartment, condo or some other place to live I think that’s one of the most frustrating phases.  You have to not get your hopes up until you are absolutely sure you’re going to get the place you are hoping for.  Heartbroken? Guilty.  So please trust me.. I know from experience.  If it does happen to you just know that another place will come along and all will fall into place.

Second of all.. You’re going to want to get this crap done all and for once!  You’re going to want to pack all of your stuff up instantly to get it all done and loaded.  You’re going to end up sitting in the middle of the floor in a random room pointlessly looking through things you either.. didn’t know you had or have forgotten about.  You’re going to get frustrated because you don’t have enough boxes.  You’re also going to get frustrated that it doesn’t seem like you’re really getting anywhere. Technically, you aren’t getting anywhere.  You’re too busy deciding whats junk, who this belongs to and where did this thing even come from?  After you’ve passed this phase and you’ve got a lot of stuff packed, things will go more smoothly.

Next!  Loading your stuff.. especially furniture.. will be a nightmare if you’re a girl.  You DO need help.  I tried to convince myself that I could do it all on my own but that obviously didn’t happen.  If you have a lot of stuff I suggest you rent an actual UHaul truck instead of a trailer.  In my experience when the time was good and ready to load my things, the UHaul truck was needed.  Thanks to it being so close to dorm move in day to all the nearby colleges.. that didn’t happen.  I know this makes me sound like a jerk but when you’re moving into a dorm.. is a whole home UHaul really needed?  Probably not.  I’m sure some of them could have potentially been used as a furniture moving party bus.  That being so, UHaul trailer it is!  You think you will have enough room to take quite a bit of stuff but that is not true.  Many trips were taken until a UHaul truck was available.  That was a very frustrating experience.  Being the crybaby that I am.. I have to admit that a few tears were shed.  Moving on to the next phase!

You’ve got all of your stuff at your new place which is absolutely wonderful!  As if you’re not already tired enough you have to set it all up and unpack everything.  (This blog post makes me seem so lazy and whiney but that’s alright!) This will be frustrating for the fact that I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of moving black hole.  I promise I packed things in certain boxes that were no longer there when I arrived.  Some of these items have popped up randomly out of no where so lets just hope that happens with the rest of the missing objects.

I don’t feel a bit ashamed that my apartment is an absolute mess right now.  While it does make me a little bit uneasy and stressed because I hate messes.. I know that it will all come together.  My living room is still full of random clothes that I need to sort through and the living room closet is still full of boxes.  Make sure that you use your energy on getting your necessities done first.  Get that TV hooked up and get your bed together because you’re going to want to forget about it all until tomorrow and chill out.

I probably made this moving process sound a lot more frightening than it is but I didn’t want to sugar coat you into thinking it was perfect.  Now if I had some kind of hunky men walking around packing my things and doing it all for me.. That would have been wonderful!  Maybe you will be able to hire some movers to help you which would also be wonderful.  If you have the money and could do that I suggest you please do that!  It may make you feel lazy or guilty to have someone else do everything for you but it will be so worth it!

One of the biggest issues I’ve had with moving is missing my friends and the people that I saw everyday.  I knew that it was going to be hard to leave people that I had grown to love and care about over the years but I didn’t think it would actually be so bothersome.  It will take some getting used to for sure.  Thankfully the area that I moved to isn’t all so foreign to me considering all of my family live in the same area but it is still hard to pick up and start new.  I’m sure I will meet a lot of wonderful people here as well.  I moved probably around 250 miles away so I can’t just go back and visit all of them like I would like.  I need to find the time to do that which I’m sure I will eventually.

If you’re moving you want to make it an exciting experience.  Think of starting new and seeing all the opportunities you may not have had before.  You can meet new people, try new things and have fun with it.  If you have any questions or want someone to talk to about anything I wouldn’t care at all to be there.  I know that things like this can be absolutely scary.  As a panic disorder sufferer I know this all too well.  Just know that things will be much more calm once you’re situated in your new place!

Thanks for listening to me blab about my moving experience.  If you have any funny moving stories feel free to share them!


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