From the Heart

Take a deep breath. Look all around you at what the world has to offer. All you can see are the walls that seem to surround you. I’ve been there before. In that place that seems to have no light. The place that seems to be an extending road with no exit. It feels as if no matter how hard you try in your life it will never amount to anything. Your day to day life just seems to keep churning into a pointless pit. You’re going to school, work and other life tasks but they never seem to add up. Time is passing, you’re moving forward but you feel so stuck.. Almost motionless. You come home at the end of the day and realize that today is just like the next. You don’t want to start tomorrow only to come home and repeat the same things you did yesterday and the days before that.

When we reach a time in our lives where we feel stuck. As if the world is passing around us. We have to ask ourselves some questions. What exactly are we looking for? When we find what makes us happy things will fall into place. We shouldn’t rely on others for happiness. You are truly the only one in control of your happiness. Look for that independence. Set goals for yourself and succeed. Make plans and do things that make you feel happy and last but not least be yourself.

That never ending road will soon sprout into new paths with new beginnings. Who says we have to stay in the same place all the time? Explore the waves of the world. Be dependent on yourself. You are your own boss. You’re the leader of your life. You make the rules and those are the ways you should live.

If you’re religious ask God to come into your life. He will show you and guide you to where you need to be if you put trust in him and keep your faith strong.

No matter how your life is going, where you’re at or what you’re doing.. You can make a change. You can be happy because happiness is a choice. When you love, trust and believe in yourself things will fall into place.

xoxo, F.


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