Biggest Pet Peeves!

Have you ever wondered if your pet peeves are different than others? I always feel that mine are strange pet peeves that would never annoy others like they do me so here goes..
Here’s my somewhat of a list of pet peeves.. Feel free to share some of yours.

  • People clicking ink pens
  • People that talk super loud
  • People with a cell phone/tablet in their hand the whole time you’re talking to them
  • When people walk out in front of you when the light changes to green
  • When people turn in front of you without using a signal or any warning
  • People that are shopping who think they own the shopping center and everything in it
  • People who are snobby
  • Lazy people
  • When people think their opinions are facts
  • People that smoke cigarettes right in your face
  • People that have no goals or ambitions
  • When a TV series ends and doesn’t make any sense
  • People that cough and sneeze without covering their mouth
  • People that have no respect for others
  • Parents letting their small children swear
  • Stepping in a puddle getting my pants wet
  • People that are messy
  • People that take advantage of other peoples helpfulness
  • YOLO
  • When people abbreviate everything
  • Ink Pens that wont write where your trying to write but will wherever you scribble
  • When you get excited for a new movie and it turns out bad
  • Rainy days
  • People that can’t take anything serious
  • People that abuse animals
  • People that drive really slow
  • People that blow their nose in a quiet room
  • Seeing random kids running around at the mall without supervision
  • When people indulge in the most unhealthy things all the time
  • People who pick a personality to fit a trend
  • People who think everyone elses life affects theirs
  • People that are always talking on the phone
  • People that are negative
  • Panic attacks
  • Being ditched
  • People that chew with their mouth open
  • Hand dryers in the bathroom
  • People being loud in a movie theater
  • Obnoxious laughs
  • When your ear buds get tangled
  • When people mistake being nice for flirting
  • When someone has a ringtone for texts in a quiet room
  • Girls that scream over everything
  • People that think they’re the greatest gift on Earth

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