Gardening: My New Passion


I’ve been wanting to have a flower garden so my boyfriend surprised me with some seeds and all the soil that I needed!  I decided to plant my seeds in pots so that it was easier to take them with me when I move.

The first pack of seeds he got me are called Hollyhock.  They look like this when they’re grown:

Mine are still in their baby plant form but I’m so excited that they are sprouting.  This isn’t really a good picture of them sprouting.  This morning there were two more sprouts so I’m pretty excited about that!
photo 1

I’m really not good at gardening so it shocks me that a seed of mine is growing! Hehe!

The next set of seeds I got were called Columbine (Mckana’s Giants). Like the Hollyhock I am growing them from seeds and they haven’t sprouted yet.  The Hollyhock is growing way before it’s supposed to but that’s okay with me!

When the Columbines are fully grown they’ll look like this:

My mom bought some plants that we planted today as well.  One of my favorites is snake tongue or if you’re being all technical, sansevieria.
The next plant is this really pretty pink flower that looks more like a vine.  I forget the name of it but it closes up in the evenings and opens during the day.
photo 5
The next plant we planted is called a Hypoestes.  It’s a really cute plant.  I love the splash of pink that it has on the green leaves.  It has a lot of character.  I think this one would be my second favorite.
photo 2
Those are all of the plants that we planted for now.  I’m super excited to keep growing plants.  I found some old marigold seeds that had zero life left in them.  Either that or I did something completely wrong. Ha!

I never knew that growing plants would be so fun!


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