The Differences of Men and Woman

Over my life time I never really paid attention to how much different women are from men.  Of course we are totally different.  I’m more leaning toward the differences of small things.  Besides the obvious things, there are a lot of differences that just blow my mind sometimes.  Personality wise, men tend to want to feel stronger and more secure while woman are usually more emotional and dependent.  I know we don’t want to look at ourselves as wanting to be dependent on someone but lets face it.. We are.  There are some ladies in this world that would disagree with me completely on that.  In general I feel like women tend to like someone that makes them feel safe or protected. 

Woman and men are different even when it comes down to the movies we watch.  There are men that obviously don’t care to watch Despicable Me or a chick-flick but as we know, men prefer lots of action and adventure in movies.  I read an article that said men feel excitement when watching action movies with lots of explosions and chaos while woman like more realistic movies.  It also said that women like to watch movies where they can attach themselves to a character, especially romance movies.  I do feel that women tend to focus on how life is in these romance movies.  Let’s say you watched The Notebook and you thought it was just the sweetest thing.  You would obviously want that picture perfect fairytale life that is portrayed in many romance movies.  I feel that it leads to higher expectations when it comes to men.  Is that really fair to them?  No, probably not.  In my opinion anyway.  I feel that they would probably feel that they had to live up to these specific expectations of a fairytale love story. 

Another way that I find we are different is that some men feel that they need to be the bread winners.  I don’t understand why this matters because in my relationship things are equal.  I think it should be decided who pays for what by how much you actually make.  If your husband made $100,000 a year and you only made $40,000..  should you really pay the same percentage of costs that he did?  I don’t think that would be fair necessarily but some may disagree.  I just think that by being the person who makes the most in the house that men get that strong, independent vibe again.

Car preference is another thing I’ve came across.  Of course, both men and woman like sporty cars but I have heard many men call some vehicles “girl cars”.  I feel like it’s a guy thing because I don’t see any vehicle as a girl or boy car.  If you like a car then so be it.  I do feel that some cars look more aggressive.  Maybe it’s just me.. When I look at a car I feel that the headlights are eyes and the grill is the mouth. Hehe! My friend said that he believes that cars that are Dodge have to be made to look aggressive.  At the red light the other day I felt that the Dodge Charger in front of me was about to battle us because of it’s aggressive appearance. ;P

I sometimes wonder that maybe society has something to do with some of the differences between men and woman.  I feel like sometimes things are made to feel like they are meant for women and some things meant for men.  I wish it weren’t like that but it probably always will be.  What’s wrong with what you like?  Some people don’t even like to share what music they really like in fear of someone making fun of them.  That’s a whole other topic.  We all like different things and that’s all that should matter.  Never conform to society although sometimes that’s hard to do.


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