True North Book Review

I’m always on the lookout for free books because I’m a cheap skate.  I really don’t like to buy books online because I feel like I don’t really own it.  My friends make fun of me for this but I like to have it in person because I feel like I actually have it that way.  Anyway!  Back to the point. 

I love romance books.  Love is probably an understatement.  I think I’m still in the childish mind of weddings and fairytales.  I usually can’t really find many good free books but I’ve found a pretty good amount on iBooks.  I decided to download True North by Marie Force.  I enjoyed reading it although it did feel basic.  I don’t really know how to explain it.  It was just basic and easy to understand. 

*Potential Spoilers*

I loved how the book ended but I think that Liana, one of the main characters, is a total drag.  I feel like she’s one of those people that complain too much and never do anything to change her life.  I truly believe in the saying “If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got.”  I feel like it’s so true for her case.  She’s a famous super model but she doesn’t seem to enjoy the line of work or life that she’s chosen.  She has the perfect opportunity to leave that life and live with a fabulous man named Travis North.  The only thing that annoys be about the book is how back and forth she is.  She meets Travis because he owns the resort where her cousin gets married.  Liana is quite conservative and her cousin suggest that she needs to have a fling while she’s in Rhode Island.  While Liana thinks she is absolutely bonkers, she does indeed have a fling with none other than Mr. North.  Travis’ character is good but he seems like a too good to be true guy.  Liana’s deal with Travis was that they would have a fling with no emotions and no strings attached.  Travis agreed to this because he was thinking in the back of his head that at the end of this two week fling she would be head over heels in love.  After a lot of sex, no really.. These two can’t keep their hands off of each other you can guess it.. They start falling in love.  Neither of them tell each other until it’s almost too late.  Travis is the first to break the silence on their new found love.  She acted like he was wrong for doing that to her although she was in love as well.  Travis tries to get her to stay rather than going back to her modeling career.  I can understand her or anyone for giving up their career for another person.  Liana didn’t seem to even like her career an ounce though so you’d think she’d hop right on that.  A sucessful, handsome man was asking her to stay and to be with him.  Of course she refuses until she leaves to go back to her modeling career and leave him behind.  While doing a photo shoot Travis flies all the way there and they obviously get together.  I made this story sound super short but there are so many other details.. I just didn’t want to give it all away. 

The characters that I don’t like much in the story are Jessie and Beck.  I like Beck.. He seems like a good guy but Jessie’s character seemed to fill an empty space.  It was like she was just added for no reason to try to not bore you with Travis and Liana.  Jessie was also a model too.  Liana’s agent calls her and tells her that Jessie needs somewhere to stay to hide out from a creepy fan.  Liana tells him that she knows the perfect place.  She tells him to send her to the resort.  Jessie gets introduced to Beck which is Travis’ long time best friend and security guard.  Jessie gets to know him and later reveals that her father had done inappropriate things to her in the past.  She wants Beck to be the one she chooses to have sex with.  Maybe I’m a little off on these kinds of situations but the reason this part didn’t really fit well with me is because of two reasons.  First of all, I feel that if you were abused in a sexual way during the years you were growing up, you wouldn’t be so eager to have sex with a stranger.  Second, because she seemed to fall in love at first sight rather than actually getting to know Beck and liking him for him.  It just seemed to go too fast and become unrealistic.  I know that’s the point of books.  It’s an imagination wonderland filled with adventure.

All in all I enjoyed this book.  I wasn’t disappointed nor surprised.  I am going to check out some more of her books in the future.  It reminded me a lot of the Lurlene McDaniel books I read when I was young.  If you’d like to give this book a go it is currently free on the  iBooks app. 

Right now I’m reading The Lost Boy by Dave Pelzer.  I’m so excited because everyone has read this book except for ME!  It seems to be great so far! I hope to read the other books as well.


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