Memorial Day Get-togethers

We all know what Memorial Day stands for.. We remember all of our fallen soldiers. We should be very thankful there are people still out there fighting for us.

My point of this post is the get-together shin-digging. What is the purpose? At most of these events I see no remembering going on. All I see is face stuffing and usually family drama. I probably look like a douchebag but I’ve just never understood it.

I guess the family Memorial Day parties could potentially be appropriate but what about the beer guzzling, wild and stupid parties? Why would people think it’s a time to get wasted. If you’re having a few drinks.. Great. When it turns into a keg party I just find that disrespectful but maybe that’s just me. I don’t even like beer or alcohol in general so I guess my opinion is a little biased. I just feel like the respect that is supposed to be felt and shown during certain events has dramatically changed.

Next time you have a get-together with your family for Memorial Day try to remember the soldiers that lost their lives fighting for you. It’s very hard for their loved ones on this day and I’m sure the party hardy vibes thrown around on the Memorial Day weekend period don’t really help. Be thankful for the freedom we have. That beer sitting infront of you never gave you any such thing.

If you like to party, get wasted, act wild and nuts I’m sorry if this post sounded offensive. I’m not picking at any certain person or people. Your lifestyle is your choice and I’m fine with that.


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