The Feelings of a Dropout

I feel that during high school there were some things I were “supposed” to learn but didn’t. The school systems where I live aren’t the greatest. The drop out rate is high as I am one of them. Education is important to me so why would I be a drop out? I felt that I could do better than what I was doing there. Being cheated because I wasn’t with the in crowd was definitely not in my agenda. As much as I miss the opportunities of making memories with friends it was just one pro to the many cons. It’s supposed to be the best years of your life. If I sat here and agreed that I didn’t care at all that I missed prom and graduation I would be lying to you. Of course I missed those things and those are things that only come once in a lifetime. Although I missed those things I do not regret them. Everything happens for a reason and I feel that this is how my life was supposed to be. Dropping out of high was one of the best decisions I made. You’d think that I definitely wouldn’t be saying that after dropping out years ago. You’d think that I should be feeling guilty and regretting my decision but I don’t. I decided to get my GED after dropping out. I wasn’t going to sit around and do nothing. I independently did this on my own and this is one of the reasons why I’m so glad that I did. In high school you’re supposed to learn independence that way you can successfully proceed into the real world. I didn’t feel that I was learning that and didn’t have a clue I would feel that way after getting my GED. It may not seem like a big deal but it was to me at seventeen. Of course a time or two I thought.. “No one is making me get my GED.” And I was right. No one was making me. I was doing it on my own. I made sure to attend all of my classes on my own. I made sure to study hard after failing the math section of the pretest. I could have just given up. I was about to turn 18 and could do anything my heart desired but I learned at that moment how it felt to be independent and responsible. Obviously in adulthood there are more things that you have to push yourself to be independent through but I feel that it’s different considering I was a teenager.

If you’re in school do stay. If you feel that you aren’t getting the right education then do what you think is right for you but if you do decide to drop out of high school be sure to give yourself that push, be independent and get your GED. You will be glad that you did. Students that decide to withdraw from school are usually put down and given a bad rep. They’re just lazy students that didn’t have any desire to learn. While that may be true for some it isn’t for all. If you’re wondering.. Yes you can still go to college after obtaining a GED and it can be a university and not just a community college.

The hardest thing about being a drop out was the criticism from others. I was called lazy, irresponsible, worthless and all kinds of other pleasant adjectives. People obviously disapproved of my decisions and my family actually kept it a secret for as long as possible. While those things hurt at the time I know that when I’m done with college and have reached my goals I will be the one on top of the world. I’m happy with my decision and wouldn’t change it for anything. The only thing I would change is the stigma tied to the word “dropout”. Not all of us are worthless and it isn’t fair to the ones that do try to succeed. One day I will have my own prom and that will be my wedding day. One day I will have my college graduation and continue reaching for the stars, accomplishing my goals and living my dreams.


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