Fun Things to do Before Summer of 2014 Ends

Well.. Where I’m from it’s considerably chilly out.  I’m excited for it to no longer be cold but I also don’t like the heat.  I just have to find fun things to do to beat the heat! I’m making a list of some fun things I think you should do before summer ends this years. Even though I’m an adult I’m still a kid at heart.

1. Buy a slip n slide.
Although these things seem totally unsafe and your stomach will hurt like the dickens when you go surfing across it, you HAVE to get one. It’s the mascot of summertime fun.

2. Make a slip n slide.
If you can’t seem to buy one, don’t have the money, etc. then no worries here! If you can find a piece of plastic, a water hose and some dish soap.. There ya go! Homemade slip n slide.  Make sure the water is continuously running on the plastic, spread the dish soap and go surfing across it!  You should probably put something soft at the end to catch you so you don’t go flying off the grass.

3. Visit a lake and camp out.
I know.. Who likes bugs and dirt?  Well I don’t mind either of those things and if you don’t either this would be totally fun.  Roasting marshmallows for breakfast and being able to jump in for a swim anytime will surely keep you occupied.  You can sleep in a tent and be sure to enjoy looking at the stars instead of looking at city lights if you’re used to city living.

4. Play with water balloons.
How is it not fun to have a water balloon fight with your closet friends?  Make sure to stretch them and make them super full before doing so because in my experience.. if you don’t you’ll pretty much be getting stoned to death.

5. Squirt guns.
These are also a must!  Turn lazer tag into super soaker tag!  Find places to hide and whoever gets hit is out.  See who is left standing as winner.

6. Eat watermelon.
I don’t even like watermelon but you have to eat it during summertime!  It’s just what people do!

7. Roast marshmallows.
Even if you don’t try out the camping experience you have to roast marshmallows atleast once.

8. Go on a hike or nature walk.
Sometimes visiting the outdoors from some fresh air is all we need for stress relief.

9. Go swimming.
As if this one isn’t obviously although I don’t know how to swim so wading counts!

10. Have a bonfire.
Gather some friends around the fire, grab a hoodie and have a fun night telling ghost stories.

11. Take pictures.
Summer is one of the prettiest times of year for picture taking.  Take a drive out to the country side and take some pictures of you and your friends.  Fields of wildflowers make for a beautiful picture.

12. Go to the beach!
Saying I love the beach is an understatement.

13. Go on a road trip with friends.
It doesn’t matter where..  just pick a location, stay at a hotel, camp out, etc. Bring your favorite songs to jam out to and plenty of snacks and drinks for the trip.  It doesn’t matter as long as you’re making memories.

14. Go on a scavenger hunt.
Go on pinterest or google to find some fun scavenger hunt ideas.  It’s always fun and give whoever finishes first a prize!

15. Have a sleepover.
I don’t care how old you are.. You have to have a sleepover! If you’re an adult over the age of 21 of course. Have a chick flick night at your place with plenty of wine!  If you’re a dude invite your buddies over for some football and hot wings.  After you can watch some action flicks.  If you’re a teen there are endless ideas and things you can do.  Just be creative!

16. Go to an outdoor concert.
Yes.. It’ll be hotter than blue blazes but it will be tons of fun. Maybe you could bring some of those water balloons along.. Just keep it to yourself and don’t get in trouble! hehe.

These are a few of the fun things you should be doing this summer.  Enjoy it and make lots of memories with those around you.  Summer only comes once a year so have fun and take advantage of it! Stay safe and don’t forget to slap on your sunscreen before enjoying your outdoor activities!


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