Confessions of a Crybaby

Is it normal to admit to the world that you’re a crybaby?  Well.. I totally am.  I have no shame what so ever.  Although I don’t put myself in the normal crybaby category.  I always feel like there’s a reason I’m balling my eyes out so that makes it okay, right?

I’m one of those people that will ball their eyes out for what seems like no reason but inside I feel that it’s completely necessary.  There are some movies that I just can’t handle to watch.  Ya know.. That movie “Everybody’s Fine” with Robert De Niro.  Yep.. Can’t watch it because I’ll be balling my eyes out.  I mean come on! His family acts like they don’t even care about him.  How upsetting!

Don’t even get started on those animal commercials.  I just can’t deal with it or seem to hold it together at all.  It’s not the music either!  I could mute the tv and I would still be spewing like a broken fire hydrant.  I know that everyone gets sad during those commercials but after seeing one I still have to pull myself together.  Seeing a stray animal on the side of the road is also a no no.  I feel like my boyfriend has developed an instinct to try and get my attention so that I don’t see them.  I’ve had my share of picking them up which never goes well.  No one will adopt the animal and then it’ll have to go to the shelter and that makes me even worse. OR they just don’t want to be picked up in general and then I get upset because I’m trying to help them and can’t.  Of course I don’t want them to get in the middle of the road either.

My boyfriend accidentally took the life of a bunny crossing once.  I cried all the way to our destination which was my parents house.  My mom was in a panic.. “What’s wrong, Felicia!?” “What has happened?”.  When I finally got a grip I told her that Jon had hit a bunny on the way here and I was just so upset because there were two and the other was waiting for it to cross the road.. She wasn’t all that concerned.  She said, “Of course that’s sad Felicia but it’s nothing to cry about.”  Well maybe to her but his little bunny friend was waiting on the other side.

I can’t even hold it together if something good happens either.  If someone receives a gift that they absolutely love you can find me sitting over in the corner tearing up.
I have no shame in being an emotional wreck because I feel that it’s healthy to let out emotions.  My boyfriend, however.. gets prepared before it happens.  He can tell when the water works are about to happen and I can tell when he can tell. His response is usually.. “Oh gosh.. Why are you crying?” hehe!
I never used to be like this until I got older so if you’re still in your teens while sitting at your laptop blowing bubbles from your bubble gum saying.. “HAHA, this girl is totally emotional!”  Well don’t worry sweetie.. it may come back and bite ya!

If you’re like me.. My only advice is to keep a pack of tissues. Never know when you’re going to need them! Oh.. and an extra few minutes between cries so that you don’t look like your eyes are so poofy that they’re going to explode.

Look at the bright side if you’re emotional like me.. At least you’re not one of those people that laugh hysterically at every single thing that happens at the most inappropriate times.. although that may be more convenient!


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