How to: Easy Origami Heart

I’m so into crafts lately.  I’ve been looking for a new hobby and I love origami’s. They’re just so cute!  Most of them are fairly easy but some seem to be more complicated but hopefully I’ll learn as I go.  I decided to share my first origami with you along with the steps incase you would like to make one as well.  I used regular card stock paper although I should have used copy paper since it’s thinner and easier to fold.  So if you’d like to make it as well just follow the steps below!


Make sure you have a piece of paper that is 6 x 6. If you have nothing to measure with and you have to wing it here’s how I did it.
Taking your piece of paper (which is regular card stock or copy paper) cut it in half hamburger style. Cut a piece off of the end of your paper so that it looks square. When you do steps 2 and 3 be sure to get off the excess on the sides. I’ll explain more below.



Fold your paper like so making the points meet.
(What I was saying above.. When you fold your paper like this by making the ends meet it won’t be even if that paper isn’t the right size. Make sure that when you have it folded into the triangular shape to cut the excess edges on the side to make sure it matches up.)



Fold your paper again in the same way. Cutting off excess if you need to on the edges when in the triangular shape. I made the dotted lines to show you the creases that you should have.



Turn your paper around until it looks like a diamond.
Then fold the top point down like so.



Take the end point of your paper and fold it towards the top.
Make sure the point touches the end of the paper and doesn’t go over it.
In the picture it looks like I’m folding it over the crease at the top but it’s just the angle.



Fold the corner of the paper starting at the middle crease like shown above.



Fold it the same way on both sides and your paper should look like this.



Flip your paper over and fold the little corners like so. I taped mine down so that they would stay.

That’s it! Flip your heart over and you have a cute origami heart! I taped a home made stand on the back of mine. Just take a small square and fold it hotdog style and tape it to the back.

If anyone has any questions or needs help just let me know in the comments. I may post more origami’s as I learn to make them. I’m going to get some colored paper like construction paper. I think that would make cute ones as well as scrap booking sheets. They’re really cute and would make pretty origami’s as long as it’s not too thick.

I hope you enjoyed this little how to! Give your heart to someone you love! 🙂


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