Favorite Product: Queen Helene 100% Natural Cocoa Butter

I absolutely positively LOVE this stuff!  I have the worst dry skin on the planet.  I seriously flake away like some kind desert rock.  I don’t like to itch my face or around the edge of my scalp because I don’t want to look ridiculous.  I’ve tried a lot of moisturizers over the years and their either too cakey or super greasy and just sit on your skin.  I used to load my face with moisturizers before putting on makeup so that my makeup didn’t look flaky. 

Well.. If you’re reading that and feel like it’s about yourself.. THERE’S HOPE!  I found this stuff at a Family Dollar store.  I couldn’t find it at Wal-Mart here but they could have it at other stores.  If you can’t find it and all else fails you can get it HERE at the trusty Amazon site!

I usually wash my face with warm water and then apply because it’s easier.  It’s a little hard to get going but once the warmth of your skin starts to melt the product you can just rub it all over your face.  Don’t put too much because it can cause acne in people that are sensitive since it could probably clog pores.  I just use a little and rub it in really good on my worst dry areas.  My skin feels baby soft after applying it.  I use it everyday and carry it along with me in case I have some unwanted dry skin on the go.  It doesn’t feel greasy you just have to make sure to rub it in really good.  I put a little on my hairline with my fingers since that’s one of my dry areas.  Make sure to not get it in your hair as it could make it look greasy. 

Some people say that the products packaging is flimsy.  This isn’t a big problem for me.  I push it up from the bottom with my index finger and pinch the container to hold it in place.  It looks like it would get used up really quickly but I use mine very often and have had it since this passed summer.  It’s super cheap, works really good and it’s natural!

I’ve read that some people use it on their lips.  I’m not sure I would put it on my lips because I really hate wearing anything on my lips but if you did a little research I’m sure it would be alright since it’s natural.

I hope this product works for you like it works for me because I don’t know what I’d do without it!


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