Top 10 Stephen King Movies (In my opinion)

I know I’m talking about movies a lot today but before having my movie evening I decided to research some “Top 10” movie lists. None of them seemed very accurate to me at all. No one suggests that these posts or articles are based solely on the writers interests so I thought I’d share my own personal list.The top ten Stephen King movies that I enjoy. The reason I picked Stephen King is because his movies are fairly popular and most people have saw quite a few or at least heard of them. This list is based on my opinion so if there are some missing that you feel should be included feel free to say so. Your opinions are just as welcome as mine. 🙂 These aren’t really in any specific order but my favorites will obviously be at the top. Besides the top two I’ve picked out the more creepy Stephen King movies so my list is based on those.Although I just recently watched this movie for the first time I have to say that it is my favorite so far.

1. Secret Window (2004)

2. Delores Claiborne (1995)

3. The Shining (1980)

4. Pet Sematary  (1989)

5. Cujo (1983)

6. Carrie (1976)

7. It  (1990)

8. Christine (1983)

9. Thinner (1996)

10. Children of the Corn (1984)

I do have a few more favorites but these are my top ten. I love the story lines to his movies. They’re so creepy and well put together. I don’t like movies that you feel like you already know what’s going to happen but these movies always keep me on edge. Stephen King movies will always hold a place in my heart because every Halloween Eve and Halloween night my mother and I will watch a bunch of scary movies and these are some of the few that we watch.




2 responses to “Top 10 Stephen King Movies (In my opinion)

  1. Oooooo – what about “The Mist”? I absolutely loved it, the ending was simply brilliant in my opinion. Liked the whole film, but the ending was simply perfect. 😀

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