You know what..

It’s not meant for me to watch Bates Motel. You heard it here first.. It truly is not! With a capital N!

So.. I missed it. AGAIN! Atleast I was caught up on all the previous episodes.. Except this one of course.

My mom was talking to me about it and I’m like, “MOM! Quit!” She ruined something for me. I already forgot what she said though. 😂

I guess that solves it. My memory is wack. I just can’t keep up with the days of the week anymore. I finally figured out what that soap opera was called.. Days of Our Lives. If that’s days of our lives I really don’t think I wanna be about that life! I mean.. They look rich and all but I’m surprised some old those older guys and gals haven’t had some health concerns due to all that drama! Although I remember someone fainting once in what looked like a soap opera when I was younger. Hmm..

It’ll get to ya!
Anyway.. I really want to watch Bates Motel but it’s like 3 am.. But maybe there’s time. There’s always time! Although I’m tired I’ll attempt and see if it’s on A&E’s site for watching.

Have a great night, day, sweet dreams, good morning, good evening.. Wherever you are. 🙂


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