24 Things My Future Husband Needs to Know

I would draw up a game of MASH but I would rather my future husband come as a surprise. 😉

I’m going to blab about some of the things I want my future husband to know, understand, and accept. Hehe!

Uno!: I am an emotional person. This isn’t just one of those.. “Omg, I’m like totally emotional.. That kitten.. So adorbs!” No. No. No. I’m that girl in the back of the movie theatre crying her eyes out when someone spills some milk. I’m that girl that can’t deal with even watching some movies because my throat will be aching from holding back tears. Someone hits a rabbit crossing the road in the car and here I am balling all the way home. Yep.. That’s me. Full of tears of sadness. If someone is crying I will cry. Don’t do that!

Dos!: I’m a very anxious person. I think I’m starting off with all the bad.. Anyway, I will worry about anything. I stub my toe.. It’s an emergency. If I find that a new illness is surfacing in the US.. OMG. Get on eBay.. RIGHT NOW and order me some sort of hazmat suit! Actually no.. It has to be new.

TRES!: I LOVE kids movies. If you don’t want to sit down to a movie in the late evening that’s got minions crawling all over the screen or singing ants then you’re not the one for me. Who doesn’t love little Cindy Lou Who or Sully or the guy making the food fall from the sky. Totally logical and helpful to society, right?!

CUATRO!: I’m a very touchy-feely person. You’ve GOT to love on me. I get so lonely! I’m like one of those little plants you have to pay 24/7 attention to. GOOD MORNING LOVINGS IS A THINGS! & goodnight and good evening and so on.

CINCO!: I like to eat food. I’m like a mad woman when I don’t have food. I get stressed and anxious thinking the world will end and I will die of starvation. If I’m broke as a joke and don’t have a meal for dinner and am eating microwave Easy Mac.. You better not come up in this business. Although if I saw someone without food I would give it to them if it was my last bite. There comes Mr. Emotional again.

NUMBER 6!: Because I don’t know anymore Spanish numbers. I LOVE cute little gifts. I’m so easy to please. If you get me a teddy bear and write me a cute note I’ll be completely content. I love everything and anything!

NUMBER 7!: I like to be clean. I don’t like messes and I hate cleaning up after people. Don’t mess up my sanctuary and we’ll be on a wonderful note. If you mess it up and clean up after yourself I guess that’s okay too.

NUMBER 8!: Everything.. I mean EVERYTHING is sentimental to me. If you give me a card more than likely I’m keeping it. If you give me a random doodad I still have it. If I start running out of places to put my things where they’re nicely organized then oldest goes first unless I just could not part with it.

NUMBER 9!: I don’t like wearing makeup. It’s something that’s rarely in my possession anymore. I used to be all about the life. Can’t go out without my face on. No way.. Not this girl. I’m probably the most insecure person out there but I don’t want to feel like I’m covering who I am to please others.

NUMBER 10!: I LOVE NATURE AND MUD! I love to get muddy and drive around in the woods on the fourwheeler so I can complain about all the thorns I’m picking out or how I just got a big juicy bug right in my eye! What a wonderful feeling!

NUMBER 11!: I’m a picky eater. If you ask me to go out to eat chances are it’ll take forever to decide on what I will eat so then I just say something I’ll think you like and pretend to like it too.

NUMBER 12!: I’m a night owl. I love staying up late. You’ve got to stay up late with me! I love watching movies, playing games and having all nighters, munching popcorn.

NUMBER 13:! I love my dog SO much. If you’re mean to her i’ll kick your shins. She means so much to me and I guarantee you will think she’s nuts for following me around everywhere but I wouldn’t have it any other way! No privacy for this chick!

NUMBER 14:! Be respectful. If you’re disrespectful in any way I won’t ever forget it. I will remember all the negative or mean things you say to me and it will be hard to get passed them. That’s a deal breaker.

NUMBER 15:! I LOVE taking pictures so be prepared to be my little model! You’ll be holding still, sitting down, doing handstands and whatever I come up with that would be a good picture!

NUMBER 16:! I will always make sure that you know how much I love and care about you. I don’t think that people just “know” that someone loves them. You have to show it and prove it.

NUMBER 17:! PLEASE have someone photograph our engagement. I would love you forever more if you did so. It’s such a special moment that I want to picture in my head forever! 💜

NUMBER 18!: I love to draw. If you don’t mind cute little drawings stuck in your wallet when you wake up for work then sorry about your luck because it’ll happen! You’ll find them stashed everywhere. Organized.. But everywhere.

NUMBER 19:! I am super opinionated. If I feel a certain way about something you will never be able to convince me otherwise. I will only stop believing or having an opinion about something if I make that decision. I respect your opinion and you respect mine.

NUMBER 20:! HYGENE! Please don’t make me have to call you a dirty man child for acting 12 running around like a barbarian stinking up everything in your path. I know you’re a man.. We get that. Now go bathe.

NUMBER 21:! BE ROMANTIC. I love romance and everything about it. I totally would not think it was lame if I came home with rose petals and candles all over the place and a nice dinner waiting for me.

NUMBER 22:! I LOVE a man that knows how to cook. If you can cook good you’re a winner to me! All of the above must be followed as well. 😉

NUMBER 23!: You must have a career. McDonald’s doesn’t count. I don’t want to be supporting you and myself in full 100 percent. Everything is equal.

NUMBER 24:! Making decisions together. I don’t want to be left in the dark or decisions whether their big or small. If I don’t feel included I will assume my opinions or views don’t matter to you.

That’s it. Pretty simple and to the point. I like being me and hope that my future husband likes all of my good sides and bad sides as well. Some of these are silly and sound kinda mean but I’m a good person! Just silly at heart! 🙂


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