John Servati – A True Hero

There are a lot of different types of heroes out there whether it be in the form of our soldiers at war or our loved ones at home.

I’m sharing this story due to the concern and devastation of the South and Southeast of the United States.

Monday night in Tuscaloosa Alabama they were hit with strong storms and violent tornados. This is only one of many places hit by the storm outbreak. Dozens of fatalities and a bunch of injuries have been reported all along those areas.

This story really hits home for me because of my tornado experience. Knowing I was in an F3 at one point and reading stories like these make me so thankful that my life was spared.

John Servati was a NCAA swimmer for Alabama. Something his mother told news crews he always wanted to go. She also told that he wanted to be a hero and that’s what he was.

John was in a basement when a retaining wall fell. He was able to hold it up long enough for his girlfriend to get out uninjured. Sadly, John did not make it.

There are many more heroes out there during these storms. It’s heartbreaking to see so many lives lost. Keep those who are suffering in your thoughts and send them positive vibes.

I couldn’t imagine some of the devastation that these people go through. I hope that they are able to rebuild not only physical property but emotionally and mentally as well. Near death experiences like these take a lot out of a person.

To read the full story click the link below.


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