Bates Motel.. WHAT?!

I finally got caught up with Bates Motel on Monday night. I missed the previous two episodes and then had to watch the newest one. I’m so shocked. The previous two episodes didn’t hold that much drama but this past Monday episode was nuts!

I expected Norman to go crazy on Cody Brennan’s dad eventually but I didn’t think that it would result in death. When Norman was taken to the police station I totally expected more to happen. I assumed they’d find out he was crazy and all that jazz but it slipped. Until that lady ran his DNA and it matched from the murder of his teacher Miss Watson!

I don’t know what will happen next Monday but they can’t just lock Norman up. That would be a kill to the show. I’m pretty excited to see what unfolds. I still wonder if anything will come of Bradley. I didn’t really like her part in the show because I thought it was pointless. I don’t even know why. Anyway I think that as of now my favorite person from the show is Emma.. She seems sweet and down to earth.. I just hope she doesn’t get mixed with the wrong crowd.

Now to wait and be excited for next Monday! 🙂


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