Off Days

-WARNING- This is a huge post of me blabbing. You’ve been warned. Lol
(Do bloggers even use “lol”?.. Oh well)

I’ve just been having some off days for the last week or so. My anxiety has been in a rut for a bit. I was checking out at the store the other day and was scrambling around trying to find my wallet and then write stuff down since I donated to autism while panicking. Since my name is Felicia the card will probably look like it says “Fajita” since I scribbled it down in a hurry.

When I went to Pizza Hut yesterday I was panicking in line while picking up an order with my boyfriend. Why? Yeah.. Don’t ask me. Wouldn’t have a clue. That’s just how my crazy brain plays things.

I know that a lot of people go through this same thing. It makes me irritated that there isn’t really a field that covers anxiety very extensively. You can go to a psychiatrist only to be told to shove medicine down your throat that you really don’t want.

I believe that exposure is the way to go. Expose yourself to these things and stay in these situations. That’s how I went from home bound to where I am now. I was talking to someone today that couldn’t hardly leave home for anxiety. Few people take it seriously and like to bully people with anxiety or depression.

I just tell them that they’d simply drop to their knees if a panic attack were to come about.

I’m thinking I’m all keyed up because of storms were supposed to get. In previous posts I mentioned how I was in a tornado in March of 2012. Since then I check the weather constantly during storms then fear travels through me when I see a severe thunderstorm warning or any other kind of warning.

Especially how usually the meteorologists are acting frantic and hyped about the storm when I’m sitting there wondering if I’ll see tomorrow. I guess you could say I’m a worry wart.

We had some severe storms today as well. They weren’t too bad though. Once again though.. All hyped up on the meteorology side and all panicked up on my side. I do hope that tomorrow’s storms turn out like today’s. I know that I will panic as soon as severe warnings pop up but I hope that I make it through. Send me positive vibes and keep me in your thoughts. It’s not as easy as just getting nervous.

On a better note I’ve started an anxiety program again to hopefully nip it in the bud before it takes hold of my weak emotions. ;P

If the storm isn’t too psychotic tomorrow I’m going to try to get a few photos. I took some at the lake area the other day and haven’t got the chance to share them but maybe that will be on my to do list tomorrow if I find the time.

I appreciate each and every one of you that view my posts or like them. It brightens my day making me feel a little more confident than yesterday. I read a bunch of things on here but never comment or like because I’m usually on my phone. I will have to start returning the favor.. whip up the laptop. It’s crazy to me how much smartphones have changed things over the last years.

That’s all for now. Time for some shut eye so that I’ll have the energy to build my “scared-of-storms-because-I’m-a-wuss-so-I’m-hiding-in-a-fort.. fort”. 😉


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