“Easy” Hairstyle Tutorials.. WTF?

So if you’re a girl or a stylish man I’m sure you’ve done the dreaded search.. “Easy but cute hairstyle tutorials”. You look for the ones that take the least amount of time, fits the length of your hair but is also still cute and trendy. You type the words into Google, hoping that something magnificent will come up. You see a link that says (ex. “30 hairstyles you can do in less that 5 minutes”) so you click the link. BOOM! It actually translates to “30 hairstyles that no human could possible do without going to beauty school, ripping their brains out, causing a fashion disaster and looking like a hobo when the final product is presentable or.. not-so-presentable.” You would literally scare any little kids if you attempted and just left it how it went. Especially the dreaded braids. Since those are now trending who came up with such things? I thought I was cool in elementary school for knowing the basic braid but you know what? You’re not. Not anymore at least with all these trendy fish braids, snake braids, basket looking braids, and tons more. When you click the tutorial link and you see the pictures they look a little like this…
[continued below]


And then you’re thinking.. “Umm, where exactly does one start?” I attempt but can never see what I’m doing on the back of my head (weird, right? Should have had eyeballs there) and end up looking like a total rats nest. I did, however, learn to do the fishtail braid that is fairly easy. If anyone wants to see that I’d be happy to post the oh so original tutorial. Hehe. Anyway.. All I’m saying is just come up with your own hairstyles. If you’re anything like me you will keep searching.. and searching.. and searching and never get anything that looks humanly possible.


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