Going to the pet store makes me sad.

While in town visiting family I decided to stop at the pet store. I always have high expectations for these places considering I assume they care so much for animals. I would prefer the adoption from an animal shelter option over the pet store though.

Anyway.. I walk into the pet store and directly walk to the furry friends. I see no dogs or cats. I may be thankful for that though so people could save animals from being euthanized instead. I see some ferrets in one of those large glass areas. They look hot and fatigued. I’m not a ferret expert but I do know that they didn’t look very happy. While petting the ferret he just laid there looking sad. I let him be with the others.

I moved on to the guinea pig section. They looked considerably happy and energized. They were too quick for me to pet and were eating so I didn’t visit long. There was one guinea pig in a separate pin. I don’t know the reason since the breeds were mixed in the other pin. He looked lonely and just sat there. I felt sad for him being alone in that pin by himself.

I moved on to the rabbit section and there was only one. He was a white albino. He was the friendliest rabbit I have ever saw. He wasn’t scared of anything. I was petting him and playing with him and not once did he scare. I’ve owned many rabbits and this one was fantastic. I wished I could have taken him home. He was beautiful.

The only part of the pet store that looked cleaned and well maintained was the fish. I love fish and think they are beautiful and am glad they were being treated right. I snapped some pictures of my favorite ones that I will share later. No flash of course. 🙂 I also saw a tarantula. I kept worrying that it would get out of it’s cage. I kept looking to make sure it was still there. Can ya say paranoid? The iguana I saw was quite scary to me. It hopped from one side of the pin to the other in just a second. This little boy told his mother “I don’t want one of those, mommy!” Hahah.

All in all the pet store upsets me because of the well being of most of these animals. I think animals should be loved and cared for. If you do choose to adopt a dog or a cat always check shelters first. Those pets need homes and most of the time will be euthanized in a number of days if homes are not found.

Next time you pass a pet store stop by and show the animals some love. It may make their day a little brighter.


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