Late Rambling Tuesday

So.. I’m visiting family for the rest of the week and weekend. I often wonder if people have the same obligations. When I visit family I feel obligated to stay at each and every one of their houses. I know they all want me to stay but it’s just not possible.

Although most families aren’t as big as mine so maybe that’s not an issue. I have 4 aunts and 4 uncles on my dad’s side. That’s the family that I visit because I don’t get along with my moms side. I have 20+ cousins and lots of other relatives on this side.

It gets hectic at times but I find myself shocked at other gathering with people. I went to my boyfriends families house on Christmas when we first got together and thought that not many people showed up for his grandmothers party. I felt bad for her. It turns out that every did in fact show up. It just wasn’t nearly as many people that are in my family and that’s when I finally realized that maybe my family is larger than the average.

Sometimes having a big family isn’t always rainbows and happiness. It’s very drama filled. When someone has a problem with one relative it’s time to pick sides. It’s funny after all is said and done.

I think it’s important that you spend time with your family. They’re always going to be there for you no matter what the issue. At the end of the day it’s just all good fun.

Anyway.. I’m just rambling on because I guess that’s what this post is about, right? 🙂


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