DIY: Easy Bracelet/Gift Idea

 PicMonkey Collage



This is a cute, easy and super cheap gift to give during the holidays.

It’s sentimental and you can add anything you’d like to it.
This is just a basic bracelet how-to and you can feel free to add what you’d like from there.

Things you will need:

  • Jump rings
  • Toggle clasps
    (If you would like to use regular lobster clasps feel free to do so.)
  • Chain
  • Needle nose plyers
  • Beads with eyepins
  • Diagonal pliers

(If you’re not used to making jewelry I’ll explain what an eyepin is and what it’s used for at the bottom of the post.)

jewelry making

Step One:

All you need to do for step one is open your jump ring gently with your needle nose pliers. Small pliers work the best. I’m using two different kinds of pliers but whatever works best for you is what you can do.

Connect your bead set onto your chain with the jump ring. Gently grab each end of the jump ring with your pliers and close them.

Step Two:

This step consists of the same thing except for the other end of your bead set. When you’re finished it should look like the above picture.


Step Three:

(Note: only connect ONE side of your bracelet to the toggle clasps.. Then put your bracelet around your arm and cut off the remaining chain that’s left. Your needle nose pliers should have a “wire cutter” in the middle. If not you can purchase some diagonal pliers.)

Connect your toggle clasps to each side after you have measured the perfect fit for your arm and have cut off the excess chain.

After you have done so just stick the stick part of the toggle clasp through the hole and pull it through.
(This works easier with chain able to go through the hole for the toggle clasp.)

After you’re done you can easily add charms with jump rings and you’ve got yourself a cheap, snazzy bracelet!

If you have any questions or need any help just feel free to contact me. Below I’ll explain eyepins.

Eyepins and what they’re used for:

eyepinAbove is an eyepin. Their use in this project is to connect beads to a chain. When making jewelry you can purchase these for beads that don’t already have them. You just stick them through a bead, get your diagonal pliers and cut off the excess. Then get your  round nose pliers or a looper and just shape the other end into a circle like above. Then you’re ready to connect your beads to a chain with your jump rings. If you need help or want to know more about eyepins feel free to ask.

I hope you enjoy!


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