Horse Carriages; Yay or Nay?

Hello Lovelies! Horse Carriages and the complications that come with them seems to be a popular topic recently.
In NYC Mayor De Blasio is considering a ban on horse carriages. On the bills website it states, “Bill de Blasio will end the inhumane treatment of carriage horses and supports an immediate ban on abuse of carriage horses. We can provide a humane retirement of all New York City carriage horses to sanctuaries, and replace them with electric, vintage-replica tourist-friendly vehicles that provide jobs for current drivers.” Some are enraged about this ban because they feel that it is taking away a part of history. There are others who see horse carriages as a romantic ride with their significant other.

What could go wrong? It’s just a horse pulling a buggy. They used to work on farms all the time, right?
It’s actually not that simple. Horses get spooked very easy and can become dangerous all from being frightened. When horses get spooked they can jump or spin around and hurt pedestrians and themselves. The heavy traffic, noise and crowds of people in NYC could certainly spook any horse. There are also a lot of other risks that come with this. Buzzfeed quotes, “The smoke and exhaust fumes from urban traffic are also dangerous for horses. A study by veterinarian Jeffie Roszel found that tracheal washes and samples from respiratory secretions of these horses showed enormous lung damage, the same kind of damage you would expect from a heavy smoker. Horses’ nostrils are usually only 3 to 3 1/2 feet above street level, so these animals are truly … living a nose-to-tailpipe existence.” (Via

“A survey of national carriage horse accidents revealed that 85 percent of all accidents were the result of an animal spooking. Seventy percent of the time there was a human injury, and 22 percent of the time there was a human death. The survey also found that in New York City 98 percent of the horses who “spooked” became injured.” (Via

It doesn’t seem like all fun and games anymore. In my personal opinion I do believe that for the safety of others and the animals that it be banned. I know that some will be upset because they want that romantic ride or the past history feel. I just feel that if it’s putting people or animals in danger that you should not be selfish with your wants and do what needs to be done. Sometimes the things you want may not be the right thing.  If you want to read more on the topic you could check out Buzzfeed’s article on the subject. It’s pretty informative if you want to know more.


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