Rambling Tuesday

I know technically it isn’t Tuesday anymore but before I head off to count sheep for the night I decided I would ramble a bit.

Today was an alright day. I had the whole day to relax which is completely wonderful. The best thing about the day was that the temperatures reached 70 degrees! I spent the day at the lake with my other half. Lots of walking and talking and picture taking. I didn’t charge my camera batteries so the iPhone had to do the best of it’s ability. There were a lot of funky colors in the clouds which I’ve read are a sign of temperature or weather changes. Yes, indeed that will happen. It’s supposed to be thunderstorms starting in the upper 50s to hail and sleet to snow. I don’t know if I’m really all that upset about it though but I know I do NOT like thunderstorms. I love them as long as their not severe but usually they always are. Especially a warm day turning cold.

Back to the lake..
While I was there today I saw this lady fishing. It wasn’t an unusual sight as that’s a big hobby around my area. She had a few children with her that we’re not happy at all. I suppose they had been there all day with her and just wanted to go home. The little boy cried and screamed the whole day and all she had to say was shut up. I felt so bad for the poor boy. Sometimes people make me aggravated but I have no say over how she raises her children although I do think there are better ways to handle a screaming, crying and upset child. That was about the only think that really stuck out at the lake today other than hearing something that sounded as if a tree were falling.

Later this (Tuesday) evening I went to the square with Jonathan, my boyfriend. We walked, talked and went window shopping. I do like window shopping but I really am the cheapest person I know. I do love to buy things but when they are expensive I get a dreadful feeling thinking of all kinds of other things I could buy with what I’m spending on this one particular item. He doesn’t like the girly stores anyway. He won’t say he doesn’t like to go in he just follows along awkwardly! Hah!

I came home, at dinner and now I’m completely worn out. I do feel that it was a productive day and got a lot of exercise atleast. I hope tomorrow’s wind and rain aren’t too much for me to handle. Send some positive and silly vibes my way! I hope everyone had a great day today. This post may not make any sense what so ever considering my level of tiredness but hopefully you can put the words together the best of your ability.

I wish you all goodnight wishes and a great day following!


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