“Twenty-Eight and a Half Wishes” iBooks Review!


Usually I’m not a book reader but on the random occasion I get in the mood for it. If you’re anything like me it takes a lot for you to get into a book. I try so hard to find books that I actually like and can read passed a few chapters. The books I like are usually mysteries, thrillers or romance novels. I tend to look on iBooks in the free section considering how picky I am. I wouldn’t want to waste money on a book that I don’t even like.

Back to the point.. I really loved this book! I couldn’t put it down because I kept wanting to see what happened next. Twenty four year old Rose lives her life by her mothers rules. They’re are lots of things in life she has yet to do that people her age would have normally already done. Rose is different than most because she has visions. These visions are usually silly and pointless but one particular vision she has is quite serious. She visions herself dead on her living room sofa. The scary thing about that is that her visions usually always come true! Rose snaps to reality and realizes all of the things she has yet to do in life. She finds a Wal-Mart receipt in her purse, pulls out a pen and starts jotting down all the things she feels that need to happen before her death. Twenty-Eight of them to be exact. She meets the neighbor named Joe who is a perfect candidate for a few numbers on her list of wishes. Although Rose has pictured herself dead on the living room sofa it turns out to be her mother instead!

That’s all I’m going to say about the book for now but if you’re into this kind of novel I highly recommend it. The only con to this book is that there are more than just this one. Well.. It’s not really a bad thing but if you want to continue on to see what else unfolds you have to check out the next books. It’s a good read and has you needing to know what happens all throughout the book. I hope you enjoy it. If you do plan on reading it or have already read it let me know what you thought. I’m still debating on getting the next books to follow.



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