Easter Photography Rambles


Hello Lovelies!
Today I just wanted to talk a little bit about Easter photography. I love the idea that people want to take pictures for every occasion because I’m definitely a shutter bug. There are so things that should not happen during these shoots.

In reality it’s obvious that when you’re getting your photos done you want them to be the best. You want the best photographer, best props and all in all the best photos.

In this post I’m just going to ramble about some of my views and opinions. If you’re beliefs are different than mine then so be it. Everyone is entitled to their own belief.

Everyone has saw the cute photos of babies and children surrounded in baby chicks and rabbits. Your child is grasping on to this baby chick trying to give it a smooch. You think, “How adorable!”. Is it really adorable though? In my opinion I don’t think so.

In my experience of raising rabbits and chicks with my mother in my younger years they are not pets that like to be handled. Rabbits can become tame and used to handling when bought from a pet store. I understand that animals all need love and affection but children do not understand how much is enough when it comes to handling pets.

Where do the photographers get the animals? It all depends. In some cases I have known the photographer to be the owner of the animals or to borrow the animals from a farm or livestock owner for the time needed. After the shoot they are usually returned. Although it seems harmless in some ways it is not.

Rabbits can become traumatized very easily especially when they are at a young age. Fear and panic can even cause death for them. Children handling them, passing them around and squeezing them are all going to make the rabbit distressed. Even tame rabbits often feel threatened while being held. Rabbits get comfortable with their owners by remembering their scent. When they are being photographed and passed around all day they don’t recognize any of those scents and feel frightened and unsafe.

My point of this post is having hope that maybe you will think twice if you plan to have photos done or will be taking photos. I know that as photographers you try to give your client everything they ever dreamed of but explaining your reasoning behind why you would rather not use animals as props would be better than doing so. If you plan on getting your pictures done with an animal you could always buy stuffed animals and toy chicks.

I know that we will continue to see these photos and photographers will continue to take them but at least you can choose to not be a part of it.


2 responses to “Easter Photography Rambles

  1. I agree. I’ve had many pet rabbits and would NEVER subject them to being mauled by a little kid. You can so easily hurt and traumatize them, and usually parents totally don’t care as long as their kid looks cute. And baby chicks are probably even more fragile. Nice to know that some photographers care. Thanks for posting about it.

    • They really don’t care. I’ve had someone tell me all kinds of reasons why it’s okay. One being.. “altleast they’re getting cuddled.” Cuddling was an enjoyable experience not a traumatizing one but maybe that’s changed to some? Lol

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