Bedroom Inspiration

Hello lovelies! Considering I’m in the process of moving to another state I would just like to share some bedroom inspiration. I have thought about this so many times because I want it to be just right. There are a lot of things I want my bedroom to feel like. When I say feel like I mean what kind of feelings come with the décor. In my personal opinion I love shabby chic, elegant, princess, classy themed bedroom inspiration. I think that it is the most relaxing to me.

The soft colors and bright whites make me feel comfortable and relaxed. A chandelier is also something I would like to incorporate. I’m a very big penny pincher and I really don’t like to purchase things of high value if there is no need so I’ve been on the lookout for a mini chandelier that will do just fine for me. I want one that you have to put candles in. I found some lovely battery powered candles with a remote that would work so perfect in a chandelier of that type.

If you’re looking to redo your room I suggest looking on Amazon. They have a large variety of cheap but very cute décor for any room of your house. If you’re looking to pay forward a decent amount of money for your new room one of my favorite sites to buy décor and household items is Urban Outfitters. If you’re into that kind of style then I highly suggest it.

I have yet to purchase a new bed although I do have one picked out. It is similar to the one picture below from a Polyvore collage that I created. If you need any help on designing your room and would like for me to try to help with that I would be more than happy to do so. I hope you enjoy!

Bedroom Inspiration

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